Forest/Axe Work in Progress

I recently ran across a quote that definitely seems relavent today.

The quote is–The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe. For the axe was clever and convinced the trees that because its handle was wood it was one of them.

I first thought about making a wallpiece using code with oak leaves and twigs. Just the code portion would have been 45″ x 16″, the addition of a border and frame would have made it more of a commitment of materials and time. Instead, I decided to use a book format.

The layout for the code in book format resulted in 21 pages. Each page is a folded sheet of drawing paper with a core support of a paper-covered piece of cardstock. Felt that the addition of twigs needed some extra support.

The first sentence I used tree wrap for the code with a green paper covered piece of cardstock. The second sentence I used roofing felt for the code and brown packing paper covered cardstock.

Forest Axe Pages

We have Coastal Live Oaks in our garden, but I dislike their leaves. They not only prick your skin, they embed and attach to it. I chose to use oak leaves that I purchased from Natures Pressed, an Etsy shop. I used the leaves in several projects; still have a good number left.

Currently the pages are roughly 7″ x 5″ and vary in thickness depending on whether there are twigs attached.

I unfolded the pages and applied CMC. The pages were left to dry overnight.

First Sentence

Forest Axe Page 1

The Forest

Forest Axe Page 2


Forest Axe Page 3


Forest Axe Page 4


Forest Axe Page 5

The Trees

Forest Axe Page 6


Forest Axe Page 7


Forest Axe Page 8

For The Axe

Forest Axe Page 9


Second Sentence

Forest Axe Page 10

For The Axe

Forest Axe Page 11

Was Clever

Forest Axe Page 12


Forest Axe Page 13


Forest Axe Page 14

The Trees

Forest Axe Page 15


Forest Axe Page 16


Forest Axe Page 17

Its Handle

Forest Axe Page 18

Was Wood

Forest Axe Page 19

It Was One

Forest Axe Page 20

Of Them

Forest Axe Page 21


Today I used double sided tape, a mix of CMC and PVA to attached the paper covered cardstock inside the pages. The damp of the glue was not a good choice. The last nine pages I switched to using UHU glue. I wrapped each page in wax paper, placed in stacks of three, and placed inside a padded packing envelope. Then weighted with a heavy book.

I am leaning toward an accordion binding with each fold have three pages.

Pages Weighted
Pages Weighted

Forest Axe Brown Pages

Forest Axe Green Pages

Forest Axe Pages

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