Simon Hurley Stamping Foam Tests

I recently purchased a package of Simon Hurley Stamping Foam. I like the idea that the foam can be reused. Heat the foam, make an impression, heat the foam, impression vanishes, make a new impression.

This is my first attempt using the stamps. It took a couple of goes to figure out hot much heat to use and how much pressure to apply to the objects used for impressions.

Foam Stamp 1

Foam Stamp 2

Foam Stamp 3

Foam Stamp 4A

Curious if I could make an impression on the flipside. Would the original impression would be altered? Seems to work fine.

Foam Stamp 4B

This is the only ink pad I could find in my supplies.

Foam Stamp Ink Pad

Foam Stamp Prints

I think that the stamping foam may have potential for making code. If I could make stamp code components, it would be quite a change from needlework.

Note–the stamps appear slightly damp because I just washed them. Actually, I ran water over them and they basically self-cleaned.

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