Monoprint Code Test

Yesterday I was dinking around with monoprinting code. I tested transferring laser prints to a gel press. I have been looking for ways to make code that is less stressful on my hands. Embroidery is lovely and I love doing it, but the process has painful results for me.

I cut the prints into code units. I didn’t have many to work with, but I did have enough for my nephew’s first and last name. He has been on my mind because he was born 4/11/73. He would have been 50 years old. When I said goodbye to him he was a mere 17 years old.

2023 Rick

I hung the piece next to a piece I made for my mother’s memorial. And the first birthday piece I made for myself.

2023 Rick

Birthday Memorial with Clip Hanger

2023 Rick

Clip Hanger is dated 11/13/23. My Nephew’s Father’s Birthday is 11/13/52

2023 Rick

Monoprint Code–Long Verticals are Dashes; Short Horizontals are Dots; the components with affixed pieces are spacers.

2023 Rick

Birthday Memorial Date 50 Years

Materials–paper, paint, ink, clip.

Scale–29″ x 6″ x .75″

I like the result of the monoprint test much more than the simple embroidered piece that I also made.

2023 Rick

My Nephew’s name and 50 Years embroidered on paper and affixed to a strip of tree wrap.

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The Birthday Piece was relocated. I do enjoy filling narrow spaces.
2023 Rick

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