Book–Evil Quote

Hannah Arendt Quote
Hannah Arendt Quote

Closure–Knitted Band with Pit-Fired Beads
Book Cover

Monoprint of My Bunny James’ Eye.
Book Cover

Book Spine

Book Spine

Book Pages

Evil Seldom Arrives
Page 1

In A Big Box,
Page 2

Wrapped In A Bow,
Page 3

Labeled “Evil”.
Page 4

Instead, It Works In
Page 5

Small And Subtle Ways,
Page 6

Overtaking A Society
Page 7

Slowly But Surely,
Page 8

Working Its Way Through
Page 9

Those Grey Zones
Page 10

Where People Can’t
Page 11

See Clearly,
Page 12

Where They Aren’t Quite Sure
Page 13

What It Is They Are Dealing With,
Page 14

Where People Can’t
Page 15

Figure It Out,
Page 16

It’s Too
Page 17

Page 18

Note Envelope


Materials–Monoprints, paper, fiber, pit-fired beads, sealant.

Scale–4″ x 5″ x 2″

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