Rice-Stitched Book First Attempt

I have been considering a change in format from wall and vessel to book. Thought I would start with folding so I purchased two books:

Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol’s text, The Art of the Fold


Alisa Golden’s text, Making Handmade Books.

In addition to the texts I have been following several Youtube channels:
Bainbridge Island Museum
DAS Bookbinding
Elinat Kessler
Kirsten Varga
Kit Davey
Louise Jennetta
Nik the Booksmith
The Preservation Lab
San Diego Book Arts
Trama Atelier
Vintage Page Designs

I spent a couple of weeks folding templates.

Folded Templates

This was my first attempt folding and stitching a small book after watching Maria Rebelo on a San Diego Book Arts video.

Book Rice-Stitched

Book Rice-Stitched

Book Rice-Stitched

Tree wrap, drawing paper, cotton thread, double sided tape.

3″ x 2.75″ x .5″

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