Birthday Book

Details of the wee book that I made for my sister-in-law’s birthday.

I used blank flash cards for the signatures/pages (think kids and school) and tree wrap (used for protecting trees when injured or to prevent injury) for the cover. I love that tree wrap is soft, textured, and easy to embroider. Two variegated colors of variegated embroidery floss were used for the rice stitch.

I saw a tutorial on the Rice-Stitched Book on the San Diego Book Arts Youtube channel.

The cover code is based on Morse Code. Rather than using dots and dashes I used color. The code is Happy Birthday.

Birthday Book/Card

I knitted an I-cord and wrapped a washer for the closure.

Birthday Book/Card Closure

Each page has the person’s name and date of birth, the last a sentiment.

The code references Morse and Celtic Tree Code. I like the idea of tree code and family tree.

Birthday Book/Card Page
Birthday Book/Card Page

Birthday Book/Card Page

Birthday Book/Card Page

Birthday Book/Card Page

Birthday Book/Card Sentiment

The signatures of the book were stitched together using the rice stitch. I used double stick tape (not sure I like it) to bind each signature together after it was stitched. Usually the signatures and not bound together so the stitchwork inside can be viewed. I don’t like seeing just two lines of thread. I like that binding makes a thicker page. In the future I am thinking about adding macrame to the inside when I use thicker paper like watercolor or handmade.

The gift tag has a piece of paste paper that I made.
Gift Card
Paste paper is enjoyable to make. I use a cornstarch paste with added acrylic paint. I have added milled cloves to paste for color and fragrance. Since the milled cloves seemed to work, I am planning to use some of my ceramic colorants that were used for glazes and clay bodies.

It is a joy using new materials and learning new processes and techniques. And then to figure out how to use them to make art.

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