A Monarch Came to Visit…

or could it be the missing caterpillar?


The Monarch was flitting from plant to plant.
Difficult to capture an image of it.

Milkweed Pod

Yesterday the First Milkweed Seed Pod Opened.

The seed pod is from a plant that I purchased. It was my backup plant, just in case the plants that I grew from seed did not survive.

In November of last year, I planted seed that I harvested from a friend’s plant. Most of the plants are blooming and are developing seed pods.


Since the milkweed is a temporary plant, I planted a cutting from my original Solandra maxima behind it. The leaves are yellow and a bit eaten. Systemic can’t be applied until the Monarch cycle is completed.

Solandra maxima Pod

The cutting is from this plant.

Monarch Caterpillar

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